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September 5 - Hue-tastic!

Christi arrived in Hue in time for Vietnam's Independence Day. She explored the city's Citadel - well, what's left of it, and then wandered about the city to see what she could find.

Small alleys are what make traveling so much fun.

The entrance to the Citadel - will there be splendors like those around the Mediterranean?

It was Independence Day, so entrance for locals was free - as you can see, people were excited about that. This is a country of motorbikes.

The tallest flagpole in Vietnam. I think the star should be replaced with a motorbike.

Umm, guys... where is the Citadel? I think it was supposed to be here... right?

High-powered business executive.

I found the gate to the Secret Garden!

We found a festival by the river - fun! Spring rolls, mango salad with dried beef, and rice-cakes.

Travelers enjoying the celebrations. The bridge reminds me of the Gwangan Bridge in Busan, South Korea - changed colors all night.

I decided to head over to the local market to find lunch - maybe I didn't pick the best time of day...

Strolling through the market, I found a dessert lady. Those purple things are pretty tasty, though they look - interesting.

Random head - you're being watched.

An old city gate.

"Cyclo? One hour. Cheap price. Hello, cyclo!"

I love trains.

It seems like everywhere in Vietnam is defined by a river and boat-activity.




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