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September 7: Labor Day Weekend at Winslow Wall

Folks came out to Winslow Wall to climb and to visit Tauru: MG and Jason showed up Friday night; Mike and Catherine Saturday morning; David, Joe, Laurel, and Sean just before noon; and Dee and Joe show up later on Saturday.

Morning shade at camp provided by "The Van." David (standing, left, with hat), Mike (standing in front of MG Forerunner), Jason (sitting, back to camera), MG (sitting, with hat), Joe (sitting in shade with red shirt), Sean (sitting on chair next to van), Laurel (sitting in chair next to van), and Catherine (somewhere still sleeping, most likely).

Jason climbing with MG belaying, and then vice versa.

Catherine racking up with huge cams for Dark Star (5.10).

The off-width crack of Dark Star gobblin' her up.

David taking a crack at Dark Star.

Again, Dark Star gobbles up another person. This off-width is a "human gobbler."

Joe moving past the crux of Valley Girl (5.11a).

Dee taking on the crux of Valley Girl (5.11a).

Video clip of Dee passing through the crux (00:52).

Mike on Slap my Fro (5.12b).

Mike moving onward on Slap my Fro.

David taking form on Slap my Fro.

Laurel taking form on Slap my Fro.

Laurel moving through Slap my Fro.




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