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May 10: Girls' Weekend - Beach, Shopping and Good Times.

Through the Aclipse (recruiting company) Ning site (social network), I met 3 girls, Anna, Laura and Audrey. We had been carrying on a Facebook message thread since December. After six months, we felt like we'd known each other for years, but we'd never actually all hung out together. Actually, until the weekend of May 9, I had never even met Laura, as she arrived in Korea just as I was heading home in March. (Anna was my roomie during training week, in case you forgot.)

Since I had just returned to Korea after experiencing the worst event of a lifetime, the girls wanted to come down and see me. I must admit that I was so happy and grateful! Laura turned out to be the sweet, bubbly curly-Q she seemed on FB, and Anna stayed true to her awesome self. They were so upset that I was sleeping on the floor that they bought me a sleeping mat. Anna even spent 2 hours with me at the cell phone to help me get a Korean phone. Thank you!!

Yay! Anna Lee is in my apartment, down in my hood of Busan!

Laura "Lu-Lu" strikes a pose on the subway with her coffee. "Clang, clang, clang goes the trolley!" (sorry, struck a Broadway moment there...)

Headin' out on the town with the girls.

And what do a bunch of girls do on a weekend? Why, go to the mall, of course! Shinsegae Mall is the largest department store in the world, and in the basement is a replica of Rome's Trevi Fountain. Ahh, Rome. I can't believe it's been nine years already since I lived there!

The Trevi Fountain, Korea-style.

OMG it's Hello, Kitty! How cute is that little girl?

This one is for Anna and Peyton, my nieces!! (And ps, that's just my cover!)

So happy to be hanging out with Laura and Anna!

Traditional Korean dinner - sam gup sal, literally it means 3 layers of pork fat, but really it's just a sort of bacon bbq where you put the pork and veggies on the grill and then wrap them up in a lettuce leaf and YUM!

Doing the Korean Photo Pose with Laura! Can't wait for PORK!

POOORRRRKKK!! (Hungry, Tauru?)

Headin' out! Yes, that's a beer. Hite! Korean lager. Not good, but you take what you get. Check out the shoes! Shoes.

Laura and Anna, my favorite people!

Yay, drinking with Anna!

And Laura! Wish you girls were in Busan!

OMG - and then we went to a club. The girls wanted to dance. I don't think you can call what we did "dancing" - they only movement was caused by the fact that the place was so packed, the crowd moved you along. Korean men are way to forward. I had the uninvited full weight of 2 men on me at one time. I can't support that kind of weight! Did you see my shoes? Shoes.

"Ahhh, get me out of here!!"
While trying to push one guy off of me, the other guy was so close I elbowed him in the nose by accident. But they still didn't get the "hint!" (It's not such a hint if you are shoved away, is it?)

Sunday morning at Haeundae Market. Oh, the wonderful things you can find here!


Fish, anyone?

Anything you want!

Lu-Lu with her new shirt on Haeundae Beach-ee!

Struttin' down the boardwalk. I love that I live on a beach! Great scenery!


SCENERY? Wow. Words fail me.

Hangin' out, watching the scenery on Haeundae.

And scenery we found.

Lu-Lu is checkin' out the water. Brr!

What is better than walking on the sand with your feet in the water?
Doing that with Anna!

Everyone's having some fun!

Me, Anna, Audrey and Laura take in the "scenery" one last time before heading back home.

Oh, the scenes on the walk home are pretty good, too! Check out this ride!

A street in Jang-San, where I live. You can find literally anything you want right in this area - restaurants and shops of all kinds. It's pretty awesome.

Me and Anna doing what girls do best - shopping!
I'll miss you girls! Come back soon!




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