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May 1: Baseball in Korea - the Lotte Giants

It was Christi's first weekend back in Korea, and Alex, another teacher at her school, helped to make sure that she had a good time. They headed to the beach and then to a baseball game - the "thing" to do in Busan!

Just taking a nice beach nap and - wait, is that a...?

Chicken! Yes it is. A pet chicken.

"What, am I supposed to be a dog? Don't be hatin'."

Off to check out my first Korean baseball game! The "Lotte Giants" - in Korea, instead of going by city name, they go by sponsor name. Giants fans (Busan) have the reputation of being the craziest fans in the country. Let's see if that's true!

Allison, Leah and I are ready to play ball! Cheerleaders, check! Band, check! Oh yeah.

Alright, off to a good start. All of the stadium is packed except for the good seats. Apparently, no one wants to pay a lot of money for this...
So, despite the fact that there are cheerleader and a band - the Giants are actually really bad. I don't mean really bad compared to the NY Yankees, I mean really bad compared to my nephews Little League team. At one point in the game, the pitcher actually dropped the ball out of his glove when he was about to pitch. Yeah. We got creamed. BUT - we've got spirit!

Alex gettin' down with her pink Giants cap on - ready for some action!

So, toward the end of the game, there is a tradition - everyone in the stands puts orange Giants bags on their head. Yes, plastic bags. Even the "away" fans put the bags on their heads! Granted, they were so far ahead, why not support these sad Giants?

Leah and I with our bag-heads.

Alex made a Minny Mouse bow!

That little girl is an alien! So cute.

It's not about winning - it's about having fun! And if you look around at the fans, it's mostly about drinking beer! Haha, love Korea.

Checking out the baseball cheerleaders on the big screen, and seeing a stadium filled with orange as everyone puts plastic bags on their heads! Oh, Korea.




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