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March 21: Christi Getting Acquainted

I've now been in Korea for a whole month. I'm still trying to get more familiar with things, like teaching, friends, and life as it's known here in Busan. Daily activities become an adventure when you're in a foreign place (especially if you don't see that well!).

A Walk with Sophia
My co-teacher, Alex, went away for a weekend and asked if I could keep an eye are her puppy, Sophia. So, I took the opportunity to take a little walk around the area.

An alley between my apartment and the school. Looks like it gets pretty lively when the weather is nice.

I always new that one day I'd strut down a red carpet...

"I'm tired. Can you carry me?"

Wait, Korean kids have time to play? Shouldn't they be in school or doing homework?

Korean Rock.

"Aww come on, I said I'm tired! Pleeease!!"

Taking a walk around the area near where I live and work with Sophia, Alex-teacher's little baby.

Okay, Sophia - only if you smile for the camera.

"Yaaay!! Thank you for taking me home! Let's play ball now!!"
Hey, I thought you were tired?

"Yeah well, I'm cute. What are you gonna do?"

Adventures at E-Mart
You've heard of K-Mart and you've even heard of Walmart, but here in Korea it's all about the E-Mart - and believe me, it ain't no Walmart!

I found it! I continue to be pleased with myself everytime I successfully locate something.

You can seriously get ANYTHING at this store, but it probably won't be cheap. This place is classy, complete with greeters waiting at every aisle to help you - or follow you. In the grocery section, there are also some beautiful women dressed like cheerleaders offering up some free samples. It's a lot more than a trip to the store!

Workin' for the Weekend

Teaching for a corporation can make for a long, possibly stressful week. So, everyone turns it on during the week, but come Friday night...
Here are some of the people I work with, and some others, too.

Where I Live

Haeundae Beach - I live close enough to walk here every day. Come on summer!

Yet another Korean Knock-Off. Did you not think that was Baskin Robins at first glance? And then wasn't your second guess Dairy Queen? Haha.

Christi is VERY excited to actually LIVE by a beach!

I live close enough to a nice BEACH which is amazing, but I also live in a place where you don't have to DRIVE. This place rules.

My Apartment
All of the apartments (officetels) are pretty similar. Check mine out.

Pics of my digs. I'm really looking forward to when my bed arrives. I could also use a table or a desk, but other than that, this place rules. It has heated floors too, did I mention that?

Hi Mtv! This is my crib!

The view of Busan from my apartment window. Whoever lived here before me put ridiculous decals of teapots on the window - just one more insane Korean "cuteness" thing.




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