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May 25: Fishy,Fishy - A Rainy Day at The Aquarium!

Two weeks after our "girl's weekend," Anna returned to Busan. Three of her friends from Seattle were visiting and wanted to see the beaches of Busan. Well, sadly, it was pouring down rain all weekend, so we had to find indoor activities. To the Aquarium!

And to the mall, of course!

They were hungry when they arrived, so we grabbed a bite to eat.
Dumpling time, baby. "V" is for Very delicious dumplings!

Just me and Anna Lee.

It was raining cats and dogs all weekend, so we decided to go visit some fish! The Busan Aquarium sports a jungle theme and is home to some pretty exotic fishies.

Ben and Kim, Anna's married friends from Seattle, and enjoying the underwater exploration.

Anna and Nikki, Anna's former roomie, are loving the sharks. Sharks!

As for me? Well, I'm using my skills to lure one of the many fish in the sea.
"Here, fishy fishy fishy!"

Ben, watch out behind you! That crab is bigger than your head!

Anna found Nemo!

Under the sea with Nikki and Kim.

Jungle victory ("V") with my girl Anna Lee!

"Hmm, I wonder if I should sign up for that shark dive where you can go swimming in there with the sharkies."

Hmm, you're looking a little large.

"Yeah, maybe in a few month's I'm gonna swim with those bad boys."

Aww, sweetness!
Nikki, Kim, Anna and me with a very Korean backdrop.

Nikki's got her Victory V up because she's "not" the other guy!

A journey under the sea at the Busan Aquarium, and coming back to life.

Oooh, pretty beads.
Hey, nice nails, Christi.

Back out into the rain. We feel "one" with the fishies now.

Another rainy day activity? Shopping, of course!
But wait, is that a band?

Oh yes it is! Breakin' it down R&B style inside the Shinsegae Mall!

Thirsty, Anna?
That drink (orginally purchased by Nikki, then passed to me, then finally given to Anna who was the only one Korean enough to fully enjoy it) is a traditional Korean sweet beverage with such things in it as rice and corn. It's - interesting.

Hey, Kim! What do YOU have?
Oh man, you were enjoying a gelato-filled crepe while we were drinking rice-corn drinks! That looks GOOD! I bet Ben is gonna take that from you...

Ok, Anna you win. That is hands down the best dessert yet!
Korean sweet ice and beans with ice cream, fruit, and oddly delicious chewy things. I would eat this from now until forever...

A close up of perfection.

Shinsegae Mall is the largest department store in the world. On the fifth floor (or was it the sixth?) is the childrens department - complete with the most fun looking piano every. This puts "Big" to shame. Sorry, FAO Schwarz - meet Korea!

The long way home. Kim is sleepy!

Yes, it's true - we went out for more desserts later at the Icebean!
In order of Korean-ness, from not-at-all to 100%:
Christi eats cookie-flavored gelato.
Nikki enjoys frozen yogurt with fruit.
Anna indulges in "pot-bing-su" - the amazing Korean sweet-ice plus beans plus yogurt thing that is out of this world. Thanks for sharing!!!

Who's awesome?
Anna is.
Hot shades.




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