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March 31: Fun Times Rock Climbing & Mountain Climbing (J-Tree & Mt. Whitney)

Joshua Tree keeps sucking us back to it. Ryan Braasch flew down from "Fancy-pants Bay Area Corporate Life" to join us climbing bums for two weeks of waaaay too much beer and pork.

Ryan on Ryan Mountain, comparing pork bellies with Tauru - the Master cannot be beat. (This is disturbing!)

Oh no- a wig sighting! Tauru, Ryan, and Hummer-Dan (really, he drives a Hummer).

Tatoo time...

Rock it, girl! Doctors with Attitude...

Not sure if this will be a Guiness ad anytime soon...

I think The Wig has a personality of its own... like the hair-piece on the Simpsons.
Or maybe that personality is just Vicky. :o)

Doctors off the deep end! hehe

Sexy, David. You go with the tattoo nicely.

Smackdown time!

The Tim Lee is gonna rue the day we found that wig in the van... we're still waiting for an explanation. What's up with the wig in the van?

Ooooh baby, it's Topless Tuesday!

Okay guys, we're serious here...

Just kidding! Josie Garcia baby... and the pussycats.

Okay, really, we're climbing. Joe's climbing. We're serious.

"haha, yeeeahhh right!!!" Crazy kids...

"Aaarrrrrrhh! I eeeats me beeans!" Crazy Cody.

Enough silliness! We headed up to Lone Pine to go up Mt Whitney with Cody. Sadly, the van broke down on the way up there, but we got her back on her feet again. Beauty and serenity, baby.

Cody on top the the "Shark's Fin" with Mt. Whitney in the background.

And his friend checking him out...

Cody has never been up Whitney before - sa weeeeet! Whitney in the winter is way fun!

Hard work always pays off. Going up the gully of Mountaineer's Route at around 13,000 ft.

The morning view from our camp. Whitney is on the right and Keeler's Needle is the big tooth on the left.

Oh no! Look who showed up! Is that Taura?

Cute, Cody!

Yeah, baby!

Video of our morning on the mountain. It was so cold at night - what a change from comfy 'ole J-Tree!

It was sunny and in the 70s when we got off the mountain, and the following morning this is what we woke up to! Isn't the desert suppose to be hot and dry?




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