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January 26: Back in Phoenix, Arizona

After 14 months abroad, we decided to return to the States. We spent the holidays in snowy Pennsylvania before flying back "home" to the desert. We headed straight for Flagstaff to play in the snow, then we climbed in Sedona, headed out to Joshua Tree, saw many friends, and our new adventure involves the recent purchase of a tandem bike. Fun!

Our first stop: to Flagstaff with Mike, The Tim Lee (owner of Famous Blue Shirt), and Brenda. Let's go sledding!

"Come on, girl! Let's go! Let's go!"

"Oh boy, here we go!"


Good times sledding - but it is a lot more painful as a grown up!

Next stop: Sedona - Let's see if we still know how to climb... this could be ugly.

Tauru and Christi made it to the base of Queen Victoria Spire in Sedona - but can they climb it?

Okay, Tauru is doing pretty well. Not bad, kid.

Well, at least Christi remembers how to do the Dolphin!!! Oh well...

The Tauru on top of a Tall Rock in a Very Pretty Place....

WARNING: This next picture is pretty scary...

I'm tellin' ya....

Will the real Kathi Reichert please stand up?

At last, the long anticipated tandem bike has arrived!

The new baby! Ain't she purdy?

Once we got the bike, we were FREEEE!!! So, we headed out to the desert to riiiide and climb, since after all - the first stop on our desert tour was JOSHUA TREE!!

Welcome to our humble home for the week. What more could you possibly ask for? Simple living, baby.

And wouldn't ya know, that weekend a car pulled up beside us. It was our good friend John! Here he is leading a climb called "Toe Jam". Fun!

And then this girl showed up... I think she's foreign. Maybe a cousin of The Tim Lee?

Sassy little thang, ain't she?

She got along great with our buddy John. I think the braids did it... or The Tim Lee red hair.

Her glamour shot as she starts the rappel.

Hahaha, okay, maybe not!!! When we picked up the van, we found the wig in hte van. It was just sitting there without an explanation. And The Tim Lee, who had the van for 14 months, wouldn't give one. Soooo.... the wig lives ...until The Tim Lee gives an explanation to the "life of the wig."

That's more like it! I was getting scared for a while there.

Tauru has invented a new move called "The Frog." A friend of The Dolphin, The Frog is executed by squatting back on your feet and then taking a few short hops to get up a bulgy part of the rock. Very interesting... hopefully he won't turn into a princess again!




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