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December 18: Then to Turkey

From Syria, we moved north into Turkey-land and made our way to Cappadoccia to see the rock formations that were once inhabited by people -- they actually carved out "homes" into them! Also during this time, we had to decide on where to go after Turkey. It was either to Argentina or back to the US in time for Christmas. Oh, there was also that other option of going to Thailand -- why not?! But we decided on Christmas back in the States.

Here's a "home" in the Cappadoccia region. Kind of makes you think of the Flintstones, doesn't it?

We then took an overnight bus to Selcuk on the western edge of Turkey (on the Aegean Sea coast) to see Ephesus -- 600 BC Greek, then Romans ....then don't know why it was abandoned. Here is Christi performing a Greek play or something in the amphitheatre.

Video: Amphitheatre in Ephesus...

The boulevard down Ephesus lane....

Here's Tauru, the wanna-be scholar, in front of the library. Really amazing building...

Christi in front of a statue in the front of the library. Now that's a real scholar!

Ephesus boulevard ...looking down to the library at the end.

Video: Roman toilets...

After Ephesus, we took another overnight bus to Istanbul. Here's the Aya Sofia -- built in 600- something AD when Istanbul was Constantinople. When Christiandome moved from Rome to Constantinople, this was built ...and at the time was the most impressive construction with its HUGE dome in perfect symmetry to hold itself. But when the Muslims took over sometime in the 13th (not exactly sure) century, they turned it into a mosque ...hence the minarets that look like missile silos.

Just opposite is this equisite Blue Mosque ...beautiful!

Video: Istanbul ...Aya Sofia and the Blue Mosque.

Once we decided to return to the States, we decided to feast our last night in Istanbul at this restaurant. Food ...food ...food. No, Christi, you have to share those plates with Tauru!

Dessert ...baclava ...and of course Turkish coffee. Next step ...flight the following day back to the States. Hence ...the end a 14 month run around the world ...but the party ain't over yet!




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