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April 8: Tauru & Friends Sail Up To Alaska

On March 31st, Tauru flew up to Seattle to sail a boat up to Alaska with his friend, Steve, and two other guys. The four crossed into Canada at Nanaimo on April 5th and continued up to Icy Bay.

Day 10: Alert Bay to Safety Cove, Calvert Island
April 9, 2009
Cloudy day with light sprinkles. We woke up anchored just out of the town of Alert Bay, a mostly native community that seemed to be popular with tourism. Even Oprah stopped by here to check out the tall totem polls in 2007. We continued northward through Queen Charlotte Strait as each member settled further into their own little world stuffed on a moving island. Half-way to Prince Rupert, will Tauru's meditations achieve nirvana by St. Elias?

Day 11: Safety Cove to Jane Cove, Hunter Island
April 10, 2009
Slept in because we made it to Safety Cove at 3 in the morning. We had breakfast at noon and then took off. The weather has deteriorated and is now looking more like it's supposed to for this area. We took it easy today and anchored by 8:40 pm in a cove well protected and quiet. Time for the crab pod again and some fishing before calling it a night.

Day 12: Jane Cove to Khutze Inlet
April 11, 2009
Tauru pulled out a huge starfish in the crab pod in the morning and said, "How do I cook this?" Taylor played with it for a little bid and then threw it back into the water. Its 20-some arms made Tauru wonder if there was a nuclear power plant nearby. Overcast sky and sporadic rain kept us inside reading, playing cards, and waiting for dinner (4 large crabs caught the night before).

Taylor with the huge starfish.

Day 13: Khutze Inlet to Kumealon Inlet (~30 miles south of Prince Rupert)
April 12, 2009
We continued from morning late into the night through the long quarter-mile wide Grenville Channel. Surrounding mountains rised abruptly into the sky with snow-line reaching the water. Taylor's eyes lit up with high hopes of skiing back to the boat sooner than expected. Aside from a fishing boat and a tug boat pulling a large barge in the opposite direction, we didn't see anyone else. During the morning, we got the best sailing thus far reaching above 7 knots under full sail with patches of blue sky above and snow-capped mountains all around us. We are anxious to reach Prince Rupert the following day to finally get a shower and perhaps a change of clothes.

"Steve sailing."

"Sailing up to Prince Rupert."

Day 14: Kumealon Inlet to Prince Rupert
April 13, 2009
Managed to take advantage of some wind to sail up to Prince Rupert.

Of course, our fine gentlemen sailors got a little excited upon setting foot on solid ground. After scrubbing up (first shower in a week and some laundry!) they thought some women might be nice... but you see, they're in the middle of nowhere. So, they decided to fix the problem themselves...

Oh my! It's the wig, coming back to haunt us!!
(See March 2009 for more on the Wig.)

Ahh, but who is this cutey? Sexy, sexy!
(Dave makes for one tall woman! Supermodel?)




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