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December 11: Traveling in Laos

We adopted a Japanese girl to cross the border with us into Laos, and then took a 2 day hell-boat-ride down to Luang Prabang. We met some interesting characters!

Here's our trail thus far. From Huay Xai to Luang Prabang on a 2-day hell-boat that seemed to take forever. Then down to Vang Vien, then Vientiane to celebrate Christi's birthday.

Yelp, this is how one crosses from Thailand to Laos.

Here's the Japanese girl (on right) with Christi posing with the great flag of the great Soviet Communist USSR Ruski State, etc.... in Huay Xai before getting on the 2-day Hell-boat, also known as the "slow boat." And IT IS slooooooow.

"Yes, it's slooooooooooooooow."

Sunset on the Mekong. FYI: The Mekong starts somewhere in Tibet, where we hope to be in a couple of months.

We finally made it to Luang Prabang -- pheeeew! And of course, Tauru finds "The Ice Cream Man" soon after. We realized he was no ordinary ice cream man because he spoke French and English, a good sign that he was involved in the war efforts for during the Vietnam War. (FYI: Laotian villages in the north helped the Americans determine where the Ho Chi Minh trail was in order to destroy it. The trail was used by the Viet Congs to transport military equipment from the North down to the South of Vietnam.

The vibrant streets of Luang Prabang... food! Here are some baguette sandwich vendors.

Here's a grade shool.

A street scene in Luang Prabang.

Here we are on top of a mountain in Luang Prabang. Well, it's not really a mountain... there were steps to get here! No summit boasting rights for us.

Christi... finding inner peace by pushing all the bad forces away.

A construction worker in Laos. Semi-hard hat, not-so steel toe shoes/sandals ...ok, flip flops... putting together a bamboo lattice to be cememted. This will a someone's driveway with a stamp "Made in Laos."

We took a 7 hr bus ride down to Vang Vien. Here's Christi on a bridge, also "Made in Laos", with beautiful mountains behind.

We went for a hike and saw these kinds of transports that are pretty common. Tractor head was made in China, but the sun-shield was "Made in Laos."

Here's me. That's Laotian for "drop it like it's hot."

A nice view on our stroll.

A guy going for a ride. Many uses for the umbrella, ella, ella, ay, ay... .

The tractor-head transport again with canopy "Made in Laos." This is how people get around.

On our stroll we passed villages like this one. Village life.

And here's village girl.

< center>
Back in Vang Vien we celebrated... it was probably a Friday night, so kind of a happy hour. But then again, everyday is a party. Here's a tradition al Lao meal -- some kind of grilled meat (we think it's lamb), some veggies for wrapping some stuff, and chopsticks to wrap things up ...and it's "Lao Burrito!" Oh, of course, the two bottles of beer! Heheehe. They're Beer Lao, 5%, somewhat decent but probably toxic. Oh well, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

After changing dollars into Lao Kips (Lao currency), Christi gets the vibe on what it feels like to be a millionaire! She's holding one million kips!!! Whoo-hooo! (Note: That's $100.)




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