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November 26: In Northern Thailand

We went north...

From Chiang Rai, we went further north to Mae Salong, a hill tribe area where opium was once the cash crop. Here's Christi (in pink, again) and the red arrow points to our room ($3/night!).

It was raining in Mae Salong -- use an umbrella if you're on a motorbike. I thought I heard her saying, "Under my umbrella, ...ay ...ay."

Here's a bicycle repair shop.

Here's the town of Mae Salong on a dreary, wet day.

The following day, it was better. We wanted to hike up to this pagoda/shrine.

Here's me on the stairway to heaven up to the pagoda/shrine.

Christi headin' up.

Ahhh, finally. You mean there was a road up to it?!&@*

Christi and Mae Salong behind her.

Movie clip from the pagoda/shrine.

The shrine for the King's mother.

Me as the dragon slayer.

On the way back down, we saw these ladies on the roadside.

Ooops, on closer inspection, it was a roadside nursing stop.

In this area there are "hill tribe" people. They are from this region and/or southern China centuries ago who have settled in this region. Though Thai, they still keep to their own language, culture, and traditions. You can see their particular dress here.

Another hill tribe lady. The head dress is key in identifying which tribe they belonged to.

Not sure which hill tribe he belonged to. Oh, ooops, he's of Chinese decent. Taking on the sage stroll... pondering, meditating... "life is good when trees grow to sky."

OK, THESE are hill tribe folks. The first one's saying, "pass me the ball."

Video of street market in Mae Salong.




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