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End October: Hanging Out With Friends Before The Traveling

Here are some more photos/stories of the last week and a half before we took off to Thailand on Oct 31.

Morning. Mike waking up and preparing breakfast. This is in the Alabama Hils in Lone Pine, Ca. Another nomadic night.

My morning shave.

Christi and her morning routine.

After living in a van for awhile it gets to you. Here's Christi with a dance routine to celebrate the "van life."

Mike found this solitary tree and so wanted he, too, wanted to celebrate something. Here he is working meticulously trying to "feel" the energy with the tree. You know, the vortex, ...the karma, ...the om, ...the um, ..and so on ...and so on. We just left Mike alone.

One night we drove into town. Here "in da van": David Arthur, Jason (Tim Lee's brother whom we just met), and a kid we adopted name Greg. We found Greg strolling around at Joshua Tree's Hidden Valley Campground. He was looking for a place to pitch his tent. 20 years-old, from Olympia, WA, wandering, etc... Young... really young. So we called him "Punk Kid." Fed him, clothed him (gave him one of my last two pairs of pants), and ...ooops, gave him beer. What happens on the road stays on the road. Hope his mom never finds out.

Well, we couldn't help comparing Tim Lee to Chuck Norris. What do you think?

Convincing, isn't it?

OK, last photo before taking off to Thailand. At the Phoenix Airport. Tim (aka Chuck Norris), Christi, Jason, and me. Interestingly, we got drunk the night before and decided to exchange shirts. Tim gave me his, he's wearing mine, and Jason is wearing my infamous Pink-ish shirt. Jason also gave me one of his shirts... so now I have two for the road. Yeah!




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