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November 10: Starting Travels in Thailand

Our travels begin! Yeah! Flew from Phoenix, AZ to Bangkok, Thailand on Oct 31. Yikes, what a looooooong flight! But it's good to be on the road again. Our trip starts here, then up to Laos, then China, and wherever after that...

Typical photo. Here's a ruin in Ayuthaya, the old capital of Thailand before Bangkok. It's just about 80 miles north of Bangkok.

Yet another ruin... with a good reflection.

OK, enough of the ruins... here's what we came to Thailand to see... an ELEPHANT!! Wooohooo! This is one of those eco-friendly elephants. He's about 5 ft tall and lets you pet him.

Wow, some spirituality. A really peaceful feeling looking at this statue. In Lopburi, further north of Bangkok as we move north to Chiang Mai.

Now I understand what Mike was trying to get at in our update end-OCT 2007. His tree of enlightment. His posture. Om. Om.

The Enlightened One.

Sitting in this posture, he too will become a tourist's photo shot.

This photo has a story. See last photo of OCT 2007 webpage -- us at the airport. Tim had given me this shirt and... when I first saw him with this shirt, he had it on a hanger hung in his car. He was dirtbagging it, but still had the class to hang his nice shirts. So in respect, after a week's daily use (though washed frequently, hehehe) the hotel where we were staying had this hanger. But note the anti-theft setup of the hanger... the one hanger. "Tim, I hope I'm worthy of sportin' your shirt and taking care of it."

We finally made it to Chiang Mai (northern part of Thailand). Here is a street vendor selling sausages. I called him "Pork Sausage Man in Pink Crocs". We compared our Crocs to see which one was more cute. I think he won ..but he didn't have a shirt as cool as mine.

Here's where Chiang Mai is ...we'll be here until Nov 11th or 12th.




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