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Mar 23: Celebration for Adrienne

It's March 23rd and we wanted to celebrate Adrienne's birthday. We're in Coihaique, Chile and two months into our Two Blind to Ride bicycle journey from Ushuaia to Alaska. We're currently staying with Yolanda and her family and have really connected with them, and so we all celebrated together along with our cycling friends Yves, Katharina, and Mattias.

We miss you, Adje, and know that you'll always be with us.

Yolanda, Mary, Christi, THE MASSIVE CABBAGE, and the dad getting ready for the day.

Christi bakes her mom's chocolate cake and fills the middle with a layer of cherries.

The oven rack wasn't leveled and so the cake "exploded" in the oven, but nevertheless her mom's recipe churns out a stunning taste!

There's not wok in the house (we're NOT in Asia!), but this big pot will do to sautee veggies.

And in the other stove are potatoes.

And once they're cooked, we'll mash them with...

...sauteed onions and other things.

"The Dad" (we still don't know his name!) makes pisco sour.

He's of the old school. There's a blender, but he doesn't need it.

He's also the "asado man," responsible for the meat.

Marinated, flavored, and lathered with delicious perfection, the lamb, pork, and beef are just about ready.

"The Dad" continues his other responsibility -- he pours pisco sour for everye.

Yolanda shows off Christi's mashed potatoes.

Christi gets served.

Then the cake. We think of Adje and celebrate her birthday.

Though it looks like some volcanic eruption, the cake tastes absolutely amazing!

Mattias serves out more...

Miss you, Adje!




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