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January 8: Thinking of you, John!

Hey, John!

Well, we're here at the southern tip of the world, Ushuaia, in Tierra del Fuego. Remember how you wanted to ride along with us in a van? We've been checking them out for you. We miss you, but know that you are with us.

In fact, we think of you every day! You "help" us cook dinner since we have your camping pot. Thanks, by the way! When we had your "Remembrance" after you passed away, a lot of us acquired something that will always remind us of you. So you're with us all!

We have a couple of your things for this ride ...so whether we like it or not, we think of you every day! Hahaha, but this is good 'cuz you're with us, as we had planned around your kitchen island.

The southernmost tip of South America is pretty cool. Pause. Well, the cold at times would probably get to you! Hopefully we'll start moving north out of the cold and into warmer weather. Let us know what's up ahead and if you've found any good bars/pubs.

Like everyone else, we miss you, John!

Tauru & Christi of Two Blind to Ride

How's this van, John, to follow along with us?

Here's your pot at camp.




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  • 8: Thinking of you, John!

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