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April 16: Still in Phnom Penh (Wat Phnom, Central Market, Happy Hour and More!)

The temperatures were soaring (93! and HUMID) and most things were closed. I'd already been in the city several days, so don't hate me when my interests turn to food! Oh how I love food... but there is a visit to Wat Phnom mixed in here!

I went for a walk hoping to come across the Japanese Friendship Bridge. I didn't walk far enough, but this pier is pretty crazy looking, hey?

From this angle you can see that pier and the bridge in the background. The Khmer Rouge destroyed this in the 70s, and it wasn't until the 90s when the Japanese rebuilt it that they once again had a way across the river.

The walk to the bridge.


A visit to Wat Phnom, a 600 year old temple that's 27m high.

Lots of offerings since it's New Year's.

Giant chachki Buddha? With makeup and disco lights? Not sure...

Decorated for the holiday - fun!

That is one cool clock. Not sure if that's the right time, though.

Wat Phnom.

Hooray!! There is nothing in the world quite like freshly pressed sugarcane juice! At 25 cents a glass (or plastic baggie as it were) I was in heaven!

Happiness is sugarcane juice and noodles by the temple!

Walking home past the palace again.

Time for a New Year's Happy Hour! (New Year's is 3 days, not one.) Those pints are just fitty cent a pop!

Kids flock to foreigners trying to sell all sorts of things. This girl had book and bracelets, and she was really good. She made a few sales, too. She stuck around our table for over an hour!

Happy hour!

Fine dining in Cambodia - another noodle dinner.

On my second day in Phnom Penh, I met a German girl named Laura who I spent the week hanging out with. It's the last day of the New Year holiday, and as we went for a walk, we came upon a K-Pop water show, so we found some top-notch dining nearby.

And another walk past the Independence Monument. Trying to make you feel like you've been stuck in Phnom Penh as long as I have!

Long enough to find a fun Khmer fast-food chain selling $1 burgers! Okay, so the patty was mostly potatoes, is was still really good!

Wait, hold up, they serve pho in the minimart?

Experience has taught me to never trust anything "special" on a Vietnamese menu.

And indeed, this fancy little restaurant is right in the minimart. This is a chain all over Phnom Penh. Cool.

My phobo happiness.

The old relic of a train station from the French days. Apparently, you can run faster than the train.

Psar Thmei - the Central Market.

Drink stand! Happiness - this means one thing...

Mango shake, baby!!! Man, I want more!

Back to my favorite burger restaurant for a proper iced coffee - complete with the sweet milk on the bottom. Mmm... That's the menu behind it. This place was hopping, but not with foreigners. Everything had a set price and was such a good deal. Happiness!

And happiness comes in the form of a heart-shaped pizza- chicken, pineapple, peppers, yum! For $1.

Okay, sorry - there is NO WAY that ANYONE in this country went to SCHOOL for driving! Not a chance!

My Buddha at the roundabout. You've been here before. I've been here a week by now.

And another random statue. Cambodia is the land of statues.




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