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October: Festivities & Festivals in Korea - Birthday girls, lanterns and fishies, oh my!

Updated:March 2, 2011

My lovely friends Laura and Anna share many things in common: they are both kind, funny, beautiful and excellent friends. But the other thing they share is that they were both born in October. Yay! Birthdays! So I made the three hour train trip to Seoul for a weekend.

Hanging out in Seoul with Bessy and Lauru, aka "Lulu" - victory for a birthday girl!

Me and Anna Lee. Nuff said.
(angels, hey?)

Oh, girl!

The following weekend I headed down to Jinju for their annual Lantern Festival. Lots and lots of lanterns.

Oh so purdy.

Yup, those be lanterns.

Just gimme a liiighhttt, oooohhh, reggae stuff sean paul woot.... okok.

Here's a video of the lovely Lantern Festival.

And another festival! One fish, two fish, red fish... Jagalchi Festival! The Jagalchi Fish Market is the largest fish market in Korea. Busan is pretty famous for the sea food and fish cakes and all things fishy. You might call it a fishy city. Everything is a bit fishy. Here, fishy fishy fishy...

Some great fishy shots and fun times pedalling for my banana smoothie, but my apologies for Lauren holding the camera sideways - whoops!

Then I went exploring again with Brian. We were looking for a hike, but then we discovered - why hike when you can take a cable car up then mountain? And then grab a taxi on the way down! And then get Mexican food! Okay, so, maybe Korea isn't so great for the physique...

The cable car ride - those things will make you sea sick!




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