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January 26: In Chengdu, China.

We'll, we're through the "backdoor" between the provinces of Yunnan and Sichuan by taking a 4-5 day run skimming the Tibetan Plateau. It was a challenge in terms of transportation -- we just took rides in strides but eventually made it to our desired destination. It was COLD! January, along the Tibetan Plateau up to 4100m (some +13k feet!) in Litang in January? Are you crazy!!! FREEEZING. So we're "outta here." Heading for warmer temps... We made it to Chengdu to see the Panda bears, then soon after that ...we're OUTTA THERE! Warmth, here we come.

Map shows our China trip so far. Entered China via Laos Dec 30th, then up north, then skim along Tibet, then east towards Chengdu. Blue arrow shows where we're "outta there." Going southeastward in search of warmth. Temps west of Chengdu along Tibetan border was in the teens at night (Fahrenheit). Yikes!

Here's Christi in Zhongdian. Rooms in China DON'T have heaters!! Bundled up in her jacket and wearing the warm caps (we eventually called them "party hats") in our hotel room. COLD! Outta there...

In Zhongdian, though, we found some good eateries. Here's Christi eating a rice/beans meal with ham and eggs in a clay pot. Pretty hearty.

It was so cold in Zhongdian that you don't even need a freezer. Here's the "meat department" of Zhongdian.

We then finally got to Litang, which is at some 4100m... so that's ...well, times 3.3 to get feet ...like some 13-plus thousand feet. That's cold!! Here's a Tibetan vendor basking in the sun, the only source of warmth.

Here's another vendor... a truckload of veggies from more warm places where these things can grow. This is how markets are in or near Tibet. Vendors out in the streets.

We then got out of Litang and started heading east towards Chengdu, which is at 500m... probably around 1600 ft. Here are our new buddies... the shared taxi guys. Check out the dude on my left with that looooong sleeve. This is how Tibetans dress... they use the sleeve to hide their arms in to keep warm. We're all a merry bunch...

Christi wanted to get in the fun, too. We're merry with our "party hats." YEAH, we're headin' for warmer weather, the wonderful land of warmth...

Leaving Litang and looking back at the town on the Tibetan Plateau. See ya!

The road in no-man's land. Windy along the river all the way down to civilization...

A Tibetan building along the road... out in no-man's land.

Yaks, cows, cross-breads, whatever they are... grazing against the backdrop of... well, nothing. Just plain nothing.




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