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February 6: In Yangshuo, China.

By the time we made it to Chengdu, we decided we were "done!" with the cold! We went to see the panda bears, who were adorable sitting there in the frost eating their bamboo. Sadly, the cameras are both broken and so we didn't manage to get any photos. Did you know pandas sleep up in trees?

Our only photo of "pandas" before the camera went kaput.

Oops, we did get a photo of us and the pandas from another tourist there.

Our plan was to escape the cold, but China is having record snowfall and low temperatures! We took a train to Guilin, which is just slightly above freezing, and then hopped a bus down to Yangshuo, which would be a veritable paradise in the summertime.

So here's our route through China so far. We took a 27 hour train-ride from Chengdu to Guilin. It was utter chaos at the train station with mobs of people rushing the gates since it's their Spring Festival time, the peak travel time of the year. But it was worth it - we had a soft sleeper compartment all to ourselves! Now that is how to roll!

It was pouring rain when we arrived in Yangshuo, which is better than snow or ice. We spent the days indoors typing in our journals. Here is Christi, passing the hours by printing off our website.

Finally, a day without rain! Here is Tauru, our studly model, posing in front of Paradise. Notice the jacket, or should I say, liner minus the jacket. That's the new black. You'll see it in upcoming issues of GQ.

Went for a walk around Yangshuo. It was a balmy 50 degrees outside! How lovely! Awesome scenery.
(Luckily, Christi's camera managed to take these few pictures before dying again.)




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