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November 30: Thanksgiving at Joshua Tree

Sierra Nevadas didn't have much snow and so we decided to hang out in Joshua Tree National Park with friends from AZ rock climbing.

Here's Christi on our backpacking trip in the Whitney area. No snow -- bummer!

Mirror Lake at about 10k feet on Whitney Main Trail.

Back down at Lone Pine Campground -- morning photo of Whitney.

Thought I'd check out my camera's zoom capability.

12X zoom of the Mountaineer's Route.

Plus 3X digital zoom! Saddle ...the route turns left up a gully. Not much snow.

We left and went to J-Tree. Here's Jodie leading Pinch Rib 5.10a.

Just various photos of the gang. Here's Dar ("Dumb Ass Roommate") ...aka Benning ...aka Buttnipper ...and so on. Never really got his name.

Another photo... Ryan, the infamous "Braaaaaaaaaaaaaasch."

Christi gettin' ready to dyno the final crux move of something we found and were just playing around with as we waited for another climb.

Thus, the Dolphin Move is born! This is how you get over a hump. Key points: leg in the air and belly smear.

Ryan Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasch leading The Bong.

He tops out!

Kathy Reichert looking good on Hands Off.

Kathy topping off on Hands Off. She'll be moving leftward as per arrow.

She uses the Dolphin Move (invented by Christi) to roll over the final crux.

Dar doing the Dolphin.

Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasch pulling the Dolphin.

The inventor of the "Dolphin Move" getting ready to use it --- showing us how to perfect the move to roll over the crux. Nice posture, good hand holds, foot smear, and an on-site giggle.

Here I am leading up a climb.

The classic "Alpinist." Note: The Alpine Mullet is the continuation of May 2006 trip on Denali. As for the gut... well, since Denali, I guess not much has happened.

Scott Parsons "sending" the route! Go, go, Scotty!

Carly from Minnesota "sending".

Christi "sending." As for me? I was on the sidelines "recieving" the route.

Me again ...pulling an unnecessary lie-back. Just wanted to look good.

Uh-oh. No longer looking good.

Awesome, pulling an unnecessary heel-hook making the route look like a 5.15d.

"Hi... I'd like to climb with you."

Summit photo: (left to right) Heineken, Guiness, Black Butte, and MGD. Photo taken on top of Intersection Rock next to Hidden Valley Campground near sunset.

The Art of Zen Meditation made possible by a grant from the Ford Motor Company.

The smile... priceless.




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