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October 27: Rock Climbing in Moab

I needed to get out of town, ...and Mike was available! Woohoo! We left Phoenix, AZ and went to Moab, Utah (SE Utah) for some fun.

Woke up to this thing! Yikes! Castleton Tower, a 400 ft ...well, thing that just stands up like... well, anyway. Took the van, Version 2.0, since Version 1.0 was left in Alaska.

A closer look. The route is one of the 50 Classics in North America.

Trying out my new camera. 12X optical zoom. Hmmm, this might be the better way to climb it.

Here's Mike... hmmm... So I says to him, "Yo, Mike, man, we ain't no goin' do any ballet today are we?"

Nope, no luck in climbing it from 12X zoom. We hiked up to it... and, boy, I realized how out of shape I was. Phewwww! Here's a look up the route. "Mike, can I just belay you from down here with a 400 ft rope?"

Here I am on the last pitch. Man, it DID feel like ballet!!

Mike's summit photo.

Here's me! "Mike, I swear! It wasn't anything personal. I just pointed and clicked... you must of jumped out of the frame at the last minute." Luckily, he already has a Castleton Tower summit photo when he and Manny went up the more difficult North Route.

From another angle, at trailhead for Fisher Tower.

Mike is "climber-come-chef" as he prepares some kebabs for dinner. Fine dining, fine climbing, what else can you ask for?

I knew it! The guy DOES DO ballet!!!

On our drive back, a beautiful scene of falling leaves.

Mike is sporting the new fall '06 outdoorsy clothing line. Jacket -- brand new, $150, but as worn is $5; Pants -- brand new, $80, but as worn is $0 since there are holes already, though he did use duct tape over the holes. Hair -- dirt bag classic, $priceless.




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