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July 15: Tauru Post-pones Quitting Intel

I decided to stay until end-July since I was in Phoenix anyway, and that Intel asked me to stay to help out. Well, it's no problem. Money is always welcomed. But I told them my conditions for staying: (1) no deliverables, (2) no expectations of coming into office, and (3) I have the option to quit at any time. Intel agreed. A moment of Office Space .

I have purchased tickets to Asia, onward to Nepal to be in the Himalayas; therefore, I am leaving for sure... soon!

July 27: Two Days Before Tauru Quits Intel

Well, 2 days left -- by this Friday night, I'll be an unemployed man free to do as I please. Isn't that everyone's dream? I'm looking forward to it. For next week, I'll just be cleaning the house and getting ready to head out to the mountains in the Sierra Nevadas (California). I bought a camper shell for my truck today since I'll be living out of it. Well, I hope to fill August's website with exciting things.

Tauru at Intel.




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