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June 4: Tauru Sky Diving in Eloy, AZ

I guess I AM going through mid-life crisis... Jumped out of a plane... What was I thinking? %$#@& Christi had gotten me a skydive jump for my birthday, so she and I did tandem jumps.

13,000 ft: Here I am ready to jump! My thoughts: "Have I paid this month's water bill?

Left: Just jumped out... freaking out! "NO, I HAVEN'T!" Right: OK, freak-out over... now enjoying it. "Yeah, maybe I have... MAYBE I HAVE!"

6,000 ft: Checking altimeter, ready to pull chute at 5,000 ft, terminal velocity at probably 200 mph... -- woooooosh! "Man, I swear I've paid it!"

Coasting down to solid ground. Awesome!!
"Heck, my water bill is on instant direct-pay!"

June 11-12: Rock Climbing at Tahquitz, CA

Went rockclimbing with some friends at Tahqitz on Saturday and then hopped over to Joshua Tree on Sunday for more climbing. Awesome time. Glad to be outside... (PS: Apparently, we were at the epicenter of an earthquake 5.6 in magnitude -- c'est California for you!)

Here we are -- Christi, Becky, Marc, and me.




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