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Tauru's Travels 1994-96

These are some of the photos from Tauru's travels back yonder.

Italy (Spring 1994)

The "Italians" with Tauru in Bari ...singing "O sole mio" to the ladies nearby.

Greece (Summer 1994)

Watching the sunset on one of the Greek islands, Santorini.

Camping in one of the Crusader castles on the Greek island, Rhodes. Tauru is the one in the white t-shirt with the red bandana.

Toga night in Greece. Tauru is the one with the cut-up red shirt and ...well, white bed-sheet as a skirt.

Egypt (Summer 1994)

Pool-like beach in Marsa Matrouh in Egypt, on the Mediterranean Coast near Libya.

Abu Simbel in southern Egypt near Sudan.

Tauru in one of the Western Oases.

Watching the sun rise on top of Mt. Sinai in Egypt.

Israel (Summer 1994)

The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Sending notes to God. Emails weren't yet available back in 1994.

Jerusalem life.

We made the sign for Muhammed. Shelly (NZ), Colin (NZ), Muhammed (Jerusalem), and Tauru.

Jordan (Summer 1994)

Tauru's wanderings in Wadi Rum.


More of Tauru's wanderings ...in the desert near Iraq.

Turkey (Fall 1994)

The Aya Sofia in Istanbul.

Mt. Ararat in eastern Turkey.

India (Fall 1994)

Cute kids in India.

Tauru at the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

Top: Tauru on top of a bus waiting for the ride. Bottom: Tauru in McCleod Ganj near Dharamsala.

Lost in India. (November 1994)

Tibet (Winter 1995)

A monastery in Shigatse.

A local woman.

Buddhists in Lhasa.

Tauru in front of the Potala Palace in Lhasa.

China (Winter/Spring 1995)

Tauru in Beijing.

Tauru in Yangshuo.

Vietnam (Spring 1995)

Hanging out in Hanoi (Left to Right: Israeli, Tauru, Swiss, German, and Japanese).

Japan (Summer 1995)

House Tauru stayed in while in Japan.

Micha and her son (on Tauru's shoulders).

Burma (Winter 1995)

Tauru with villagers.

Tauru considers Buddhism ...but not for long.

The monks.

Local lady.

Local dude.

Local transport.

Laos (Spring 1995)

Growin' the hair.

Somewhere along the Mekong River (in back).

Cute little girl.

The "meat market."

Alaska (Summer 1996)

Hitch-hiking in Alaska.

Working on a boat in Alaska.

Cannery Row. Tauru's "home" is the tent on the wooden crate.

Southern Africa (Summer 1999)

Safari life in Botswana.

Tauru (passenger) flying over Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

Wow, this tortoise was around during Darwin's days. He over 250 years-old!

Tauru cautiously petting a cheetah.

Cape Town.