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John Kynyk (1958 - 2010, 52 Years)

Our good friend, John Kynyk, passed away on October 20, 2010. He was on a three-week rafting expedition down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. We miss you, John, and you'll always be with us!

The Kynyk family in the 50's ~5 years before John's arrival.

John's arrival.

John in the back.

John and family.

The Kynyk family with John in shorts in the front.

The Kynyk family with John in the front.

1968 Xmas with John in the middle.

John's first communion.

John on a river.

1967 Xmas.

John on left.


John next to his dad on the left.

John with a nice do.


John with his brothers in the 70's.

John washing car.

John in sunglasses.

John's nephew's birthday.

Sideburns were in back then -- let's bring them back!

John 1991.

Looks like Xmas.

John with family.

Yes, at one point this bulky video camera was awesome technology. And yes, at one point men did wear short shorts.

John in lower left with family.

1997 Xmas with his brother.

John with dad and brother.

John with family.

John at his nephew's wedding. Good 'ole John!

John at nephew's wedding in left.

John with a drink at nephew's wedding.

John at nephew's wedding.

John and his nephews at John's house in Goodyear, Arizona. (Disclaimer: Contents of this photo may or may not contain the consumption of alcohol. And if it does, ...well, it just may.)

John and nephews and grand-nephews in Sedona mid-2000's.

While on a multi-pitch climb at Cochise, john and his friends were hit by a storm. A plastic bag and a smile kept the group through the ordeal.