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April 5: Day 2 of Angkor Wat (Bayon and The Tomb Raider Ttemple).

Day 2 touring the temples at Angkor. I have to admit, I was pretty exhausted after Day 1, and starting to get a little "templed out," so I had to muster the energy. But I'd saved the iconic Angkor Wat, Bayon and Ta Prohm for today - these are the most famous temples in Cambodia. Pretty exciting!

Woohoo! Angkor Wat! This is the walkway over the moat leading to the gate.

The five towers are supposed to resemble Mount Meru.

The bas reliefs around the base of Angkor Wat. If you want to mark your place in history, you have to carve it in stone.

The man and woman of the house?

This place is huge and incredible, but so many people have never heard of it.

All the nymphs - I'm guessing the stone carvers were men.

I'm impressed this guy has a head. Seriously, most of the "people" in here are headless. It's honestly creepy.

I think those nymphs could have used the clothes.

I dig the head dresses. I think I'm gonna start rocking that. Wonder where I can get one...

Very fancy. This is still considered a holy sight today and people oftem are praying or giving offerings. Very cool.

Vishnu is one scary looking dude.

Video of Angkor Wat.

"Hey MTV, welcome to my crib!"
Okay, this is actually the city of Angkor Thom near to Angkor Wat.

Heading into the temple of Bayon. All the temples have big fancy gates and entranceways - old-school Angkor-folk didn't mess around.

Dude, Tauru, what's your face doing all over these walls?

Seriously, this guys must have been a bit of an ego-maniac. His face is EVERYWHERE! You can't get away from him!!!

Kinda starts to grow on you - my new buddy.

Everyone's praying but the chick on the left. What's up?

These seems to be a popular dance move. I've seen it on many walls. I would love to see this dance live and in action - that looks like quite a move!

I wonder how long these temples took to build - that is one serious pile of sandstone.

Interesting position they chose for this guy - I think he needs a beer in that hand.

Now that is one huge Buddha! And there were many people under the pavillion praying - very neat to see these old sites still in active use.

Video of Angkor Thom.

How's that for a security system?
"I'm watching you!"

This place is cool - I found the hotel for the night! I think I'll take the room on the left. Is there a hot shower in there?

This temple had SO MANY stairs - really, steep, scrambly stairs that were about half the width of my foot. Apparently, oldschool Khmers had tiny feet but really long legs!

And now onto Ta Prohm, the temple that is being reclaimed by the jungle. So far, what you see is some cool green lichen.
This is the temple where Tomb Raider was filmed. I never saw that flick. Maybe I'll catch a glimpse of Angelina Jolie?

They took a lot of effort making the womanly curves seem soft and alluring, but the faces - is that what the women looked like in the 12th century?
Definitely not Angelina.

This had to take a long time to carve.

Now that is some tree! Those roots are from another world. This is wild!
I think I found Angelina!! haha

From what I hear, this is what you'd have seen in that movie if you saw it. I feel like the Hobbit should be around here somewhere.

Froto, where are you?

Such a wild place.

Hmm, does this balance of harmony with nature count as zen-like feng shui?

You always see restoration equipment about. Apparently, they've cleared a lot of the trees and vines. I bet this place was really something when they discovered it all grown over.

I guess they aren't too worried about a tree growing too close to the house.

Video of Ta Prohm.

And a quick stop at the tiny temple of Prasat Kravan. This is a 10th century temple built for Vishnu. Scholars like the symmetry. I like that it looks like a birthday cake.

Vishnu on garuda carved directly out of the brick. These carvings are really well preserved - I guess because they are indoors and protected - but also, this temple is away from the others. I think old-school tourists were a bunch of looters and vandals with little regard for preservation.

More carvings. Neat stuff.

Video of Prasat Kravan.

Okay, that's enough for a day's work. Tomorrow is another day!




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