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March 13: More of Koh Tao

With one solid week of nothing but R&R on Koh Tao under her belt, Christi is starting to feel truly relaxed. Nearly three books read. Nearly 40 pages written in her journal - ahh, the delights that have been neglected and sorely missed are now the primary focus of the day.

Koh Tao, once a sanctuary for turtles and may be still somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of the recently developed tourist resorts, remains a sanctuary for the wanderer who needs a break. (See July 2008 or February 2007 for more about our breaks on Koh Tao.)

On Friday, Christi walked over to a beach on the far side of the island, just to see what things were like over there.

I think this picture really sums up how I felt over there.

It's been oddly rainy. I always though the rainy season was in the summer, but it's rained at least once a day since I've been here. But that doesn't dim the brightness or happiness of this place one bit.

And now, for a peak that that lovely beach.

Yes, I could get used to this...

Reading a book under a tree - not bad for a day's work.

On the walk home from that beach, I passed another "mailbox." These things are so beautiful. The setting doesn't hurt, either.

Gas station!
This brings all new importance to the warning, "Don't drink and drive."
Tell me a drunk man wouldn't confuse that for a Corona.

That's what I was thinking!

Oh, dear friends - my future dinner - at least you had a good life here on Koh Tao.

So, that was my walk on Friday. This is what I woke up to today (Sunday).

It's been doing this at least once a day since I arrived, but it usually only last for an hour, two at the most. Then, it's blue skies and sunshine as though it never happened. Those black clouds roll through off and on throughout the day, but they never stay for long.

This is what I see in the evenings from my Guest House. A roadside noodle shop literally across the street! Now, that is what I call a boat-load of noodles!

This ice cream deserves a post all of it's own. Ever since the first time I visited Thailand in 2004, I have dreamed about this popsicle. I can't tell you what flavor it is, as I call it The Purple One. (If I had to guess, I'd suggest maybe taro and coconut.) It is possibly the most delicious 50 cents ever.

I was enjoying The Purple One at the pier, checking out some pirate ships.
(Okay, maybe not "pirates," but they sure look neat, don't they?)

Thai water taxis - the long tail boats at sunset.

If you haven't noticed, food sort of defines my day. Life's simple treasures are often the best. My juicy pork place is closed on Sundays, so I ventured into a tiny restaurant next door to my guest house. This is basil fried seafood (shrimp and squid) on rice and it came with a side of soup. So incredibly good, and less than $2! I love Thailand!




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