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February 28: Collage of Kimchi Cat

Well, February has finally come to a close, which means that Christi has somehow managed to complete a whole year teaching English in South Korea. As is the way with the final month of living and working somehwere, this month has been extremely busy and we haven't had much time for updates. (We have also been really consumed with organizing 2B2R!). But there is one update to make.

Christi never meant to adopt a pet while abroad. We are really unsettled right now, with plans for travel and big bike adventures. But last summer this little kitty was discovered roaming the streets near a university. She was obviously separated from her mother much too young, and some Korean had done something terrible to her tail. (Binding and cropping is very common in Korea. Also, cats are not a traditional pet in Korea, so a stray has very little hope for survival.) So, there was really no choice but to take her in.

But, now that Korea is behind us, Kimchi had to find a new mommy. She was the most adorable little girl, and we both hope that she has a really great life with her new Canadian mom. Meow!

Some highlights of our times with Kimchi Cat.




January (South Korea)
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