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December 21: Baking X-mas Cookies

Like it or not, Christmas is upon us. Christmas... C... C is for... COOKIE!!! "That's good enough for me" (from the Cookie Monster), but in Korea, how on earth are we going to bake cookies? Remember, the kitchens are tiny and we have a clothes washer where the oven should be. Hmm...

Kimchi Cat is really excited for her first Christmas.
"Come on, guys! Let's bake some cookies!"

We've got all the ingredients: sugar, brown sugar, butter, flour, etc.
The only item we couldn't find was vanilla. C'est la vie.

Ready to cook. As you can see, we haven't got a lot of space for this project. The office is practically in the kitchen, which doubles as a laundry room. This was truly an experiment of trial-and-error.

Using our state of the art cookie-dough mixer to blend the ingredients.
If this pot could talk, oh the stories it would tell... traveling all around the US in a van, cooking up pot after pot of rice and ramen for many a climber.

Tauru is employing our hi-tech measuring device - does this look like "a cup" to you?

"Are they ready yet? 'Prrrrrrrr' coooooookieeee meow!"

Preparing the dough for an anxious customer.

Mixing in the flour with a skinny, metal, Korean-style spoon is a workout for the hand-muscles.

Folding in some almonds - these are not your cookies!

M&Ms, the piece de resistance! Hey, they don't have Tollhouse Morsels in Korean supermarkets, and look how happy these colors are! So they aren't red and green, but they sure look "mmm mmm good!"

And now, we wait. Will this work? I have no idea! This toaster does not have a "bake" setting!

"Mooooommm, I want cookieeeees! Can I eat them now???"

Hmm, attempt #1 - a bit thin and they crumbled apart when we tried to remove them from the pan. Other items we lack include cookie sheets and spatulas. But they tasted good!

Since we could only fit 4 cookies in the pan at once, we quickly realized just how long the process was going to take. So Tauru decided on a genius plan to make one giant cookie.
Notice the hi-tech timing device in the background?

Huzzah! One giant M&M and almond cookie! Whee!

But - maybe we should have mentioned:
Silly Kimchi! Cookies aren't for kitties!

"Hey! That's not fair!"




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