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December 4: Tauru and Christi in Korea

Tauru came to Korea to be with Christi in November and so now we are in Busan. Here's a day exploring the area.

Street vendors sell "bean fish," at least that's what we call them. There's probably a better name for them in Korean, but...

They're rice dough fishees stuffed with sweet, red beans. Mmmm...

Sounds ewww, doesn't it? But it's actually pretty good! The fish guts..

We hike towards lighthouses down by the beach... and along the way, we come to this ...well, road ...that just ends abruptly. Just ends!

Boats... and this is only a mile or so from Christi's apartment, which is in an area with tons of high-rise apartment buildings.

Christi and a lighthouse (one of the two).


"The Red and the White," ...almost like Stendhal's "The Red and the Black."

Check out those massive concrete "jacks" -- they help dampen waves. In the background are the tall apartment buildings. Christi's is one of them.

"The Red and the White and the Jacks."

We find the trail that goes from the lighthouses over to Haeundae Beach, a really developed area.

"Where's Haeundae Beach?"

Ah, there it is... Only a mile or so hike. All in all, it was like a mile by a mile by a mile triangular round-trip hike.

We then go to Haeundae Beach Market, which is just about 1000 ft from the beach itself.

Some veggies...

Some fishees... but not the "bean fishees."

OMG! Gigantic green onions! Hormone enduced? Genetically modified? Or just something else completely?

Theme of the day: red beans. Here's a "red bean noodle soup." Mmmmm....

Well... it does look kinda weird. But it is delish.




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