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December 19: Parties (House Warming & Birthday)

December is a month for dinners and parties, and the season for celebration began on Dec. 4th with Catherine's house-warming fiesta. Even The Tim Lee and his girlfriend, Celine Dion (way to go, Tim!) drove down for the festivities!

It was quite a party! Somewhere around 25 people and 2 dogs tucked into Catherine's new and very stylin' Phoenix apartment. Here, The Tim Lee is introducing French Canada to the ways and behaviors of The American Climbing Dirtbag. (Hi, MG!)
In the background, Mike is surely learning much from conversing with Michele and John.

Wait, which one's Kathi? Hmm, I'm confused!

Woo-woo-woo, a Tim and Tauru shirt-swap session!

Grrrowl! You guys are "hot".

Whoooa now, slow down there! This is a family site!

Tauru and Christi always cook veggies and rice, which is shared by all on van-participating climbing trips. As Catherine has often been inspired by this meal, we thought a "Starter Kit" for "Cooking like you live in a van" would make for a lovely housewarming gift.

It's Tauru and String-Bean-Head with a baby rice cooker, but where's Catherine?

The "Kit" comes with an instruction manual, put out by Tauru and Christi Productions.
"Rice and Veggies: A Guide to Cooking Like You Live in a Van"

MG and "Kathi" are admiring the "kit" and enjoying the party.
Kathi is thinking, "Hmm, can I get string-bean dreads like that?"

Tauru is having a serious talk with The Tim Lee in the kitchen.
"How did you get Celine Dion to come eat burritos in Phoenix? Can she really appreciate the beauty of that shirt and all it has to offer?"

"Oh yeah."

Christi looks on in amazement.
"You guys are crazy," she observes.

The season of dinners and parties rolled on, and the following week, Christi had a birthday that was recognized duly with dinner of sushi and a party of cake. Thanks, everyone! Good times.

Christi is preparing to blow out far too many candles on a fudgy, chocolate cake.
"Hey, Christi. Are those new clothes?"
"Why, yes they are! Thanks for noticing."

Tauru played chef all evening, whipping up salmon sashimi and tempura veggies. Now he is contemplating what to cook up next...

"Please keep him away from me," Faith implores. "I thought you said 'walk', not 'wok'! Woof!"

Ahh, the artistic beauty of a plate full of smelt tempura.

Let's get a close-up on that.
Yup, you see what I'm looking at?
They can see you looking at'em!

Sloan is asking Catherine where he can get Kathi's hair done up in green-bean dreads.
"Are you sure that is what you want?" Catherine asks.

Christi poses for a moment to show off her new outfit, and yes - legwarmers! PINK legwarmers!!
"You think that's style?" Tauru asks. "Girl, that ain't no style."

"THIS is style!"

As the year is coming to a close, we are growing sentimental over another year gone by. Fond memories of Walmart camping and mad pedaling to outrun storms come to mind.

Let's reflect:

Two Blind, Reflections




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