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May 21: Christi Goes Climbing

While Tauru was off on his mountain adventure in Alaska, Christi hung out in the warm, sunny desert and went climbing with good friends up in Utah, in the Moab area. She first headed up with Mike and Joe and after a week, they returned to Phoenix to drop off Joe (and Manny) and turned around 24 hours later to head back up with Cody. Crazy!

Castleton Tower, a beacon of manliness in Castle Valley outside Moab. It begs to be climbed.

The shadow of the beast.

Christi coming up the last pitch of the North Chimney - dancing with excitement! (Excited because she can see sunshine after freeeezing in the chimney!)
The "ballet" is a tribute to Tauru's Kor Ingles ascent back in 2006.

Basking in the sun by the summit registry.

Mike finally gets a summit shot (the Rectory behind him). When he did this with Tauru in 2006, Tauru kind of, umm, missed?

Christi and Mike straight out of an LL Bean catelogue, standing in front of a big window at Arches Nat'l Park.

Mike and Joe, enough said...

Round 2: we replaced Joe with Cody and decided to do some sight-seeing before heading over to climb. Hanging out in Escalante, everything was off to a great start...

And then the van got high-centered on a dirt road... the adventure begins!
First attempt: tow from the front - broke the tow strap.
Mike investigates the situation.

Second attempt: tie tow strap to large carabiner - how many kilonewtons is a van stuck in the dirt?

A lot apparently! Cody, let's get a closer look at that....

Oh yeah, that thing didn't stand a chance! (You should see the nice dent it left in Cody's license plate!)
Back to the drawing board, what to do? What to do?

Not much left but to shovel the road out from under the van! Hoo boy, have fun Mike!

That afternoon we finally made it to Zion. It was cold and rainy, but still beautiful. Checking out the weeping rock.

Bryce Canyon. Feels like a Nat Geo special.

The rock in this area is sandstone, which is very porous. Water collects inside, and after about 4000 years, it makes it's way through and drips out the bottom. Because the rock is so cold and this cave so shady, this ice is here all year round, even though this is the desert. crazy!

The devil of Devil's Garden!! hee hee hee ...

Yes, that is a DINOSAUR footprint!

Ancient rock art that pre-dates the Anasazi, more than 2000 years old. Who said this country has no history?

Okay, down to business. We want to climb, but we aren't sure where it is! We check things out down the cliff.

Oh yeah, this is the climb - the boys are checking out the 150' squeeze chimney on the top pitch - insane!

Well, let's do this thing - over the edge for a 300' rappel, and there are 5 of us, and it's 3pm, and it's a 2 mile walk back to the truck and a hella 4x4 road outta here.... oh yeah!!

Christi and Brenda chillin' in a cove between rappels, great views!

On rappel - so committing! Pressure is ON!!
This climb is at Top of the World and it's called "Cooler than Jesus." In a state at religious as Utah, I thought that name was compelling...

Cool-as-a-cucumber Cody takes it all in, and waits to play "clean-up" for our massive group.

Christi fights, claws, and bleeds her way up that thing, must get there before dark!

Mike leading up behind Christi, Ed up high belaying.
Christi is realizing that perhaps Jesus isn't that cool...

Here comes Cody! We just might make it outta there!

The next day we found a climb where we could belay from the van... oh thank god!!




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