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May 4: Back in Kathmandu (Tauru's Birthday & Kathi Arrives)

Tauru's birthday was actually April 28th, but we decided to re-celebrate it when Kathi came. Kathi is a friend of ours from Phoenix and who decided to come out and join us to trek to the Everest Base Camp in Nepal. We picked her up from the airport on May 3rd -- see video below -- and then proceeded to Kathmandu's Thamel area where we were staying for Tauru's birthday. A couple of other travellers joined us to celebrate his birtday.

It was Tauru's birthay ...and ...well ...and because Kathi was coming over ...he wanted to try a new look. The garb, the hair, and ...well ...the mustache ...and in the second photo ...the lips. Rock star? Model? Perhaps for National Geographics' "rare species collection." We are at the airport waiting for Kathi.

Video of Kathi's arrival ...and "Tauru At Large." Geraldo, a new guy is in town!

And here's Kathi. Not even 2 hrs into Kathmandu ...and she's already gone "hippie" with her skirt. She arrives at Tauru's birthday bash.

Tauru chose a Korean restaurant to celebrate his b-day bash. A couple of folks joined. And there was barbeque, Tauru's favorite. Here's Ganesh (named after Lord Ganesh, the Hindu god with an elephant's head) grilling for us.

Again, this IS Tauru's birthday ...so, of course, it's pork!! Woohoo! Mmmmmm, pooooork.

No, Kathi, we can't grill him. He's not pork!

After dinner, we went back to the hotel's rooftop for Tauru's birthday cake. The one candle was symbolic of his age, or his IQ, or his maturity, or whatever. ...Or, perhaps, his "one-ness" with the world.

The cake. Wait, is that ..."Taw-loo?"

This is how a man's birthday ought to be... Emily from England, Kathi from Arizona, Christi, Claudia from Austria, and Alexandra from Canada.

Video of birthday dinner and cake.




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