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April 2: We Arrive in Kathmandu, Nepal

We spent a little over a week in Kathmandu just relaxing. It was finally warm -- winter in China was cold. Food was awesome... and just overall a good feeling to be in Nepal. Our plans for April was going to Pokhara and then trek the Annapurna Circuit, a long 3 wk trek around Annapurna, one of the 14 8000 meter peaks.

Here's Nepal, sandwiched between China and India. 1.3 billion people over here ...and 1.1 billion people over there. Now that's a lot of pressure.

Time to clean up. Here's Tauru doing the laundry on the rooftop of our hotel in the old district of Kathmandu, called Thamel.

Christi catches up on her journalling on the rooftop of the hotel. We call this place our "office."

Here's a video of our "office" and a look down Thamel.

It's good to see the Nepalese are environmentally conscious. Here's a sign in the hotel room to (1) save electricity, (2) don't burn the place down by forgetting the candle (especially in the bathroom when you put it on the cheap plastic shelf), (3) don't waste water, and (4) keep clean!

Yeah, like this, Tauru! Tauru forgot the candle and ...well, luckily Christi heard the crackling of melting plastic and put it out. READ THE SIGN ABOVE, Tauru!! Fine? $5 for damages.

Here's an example of the room. $4 per night in the heart of Kathmandu. Now that's a deal! But at a cost... electricity only from 5pm to 9pm, and hot water? Best chance is between 1pm and 4pm. Probably solar heated. But it was worth... for our "office" on the rooftop.

Good 'ole Thamel.




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