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March 9: To Beijing, China

So the "mini-vacation" in Sanya on the island of Hainan was over, and it was time to get back on the road. We ended up flying to Beijing because taking the bus-train-etc combo was just about the same cost. By this time -- March -- Beijing wasn't so cold. After Beijing, we'll be pretty much heading out of China via Tibet.

Red Line shows our flight from Hainan to Beijing. The Blue Line shows our intended path after seeing Beijing -- to Xi'an where the Terracotta soldiers are. After Xi'an, it's over to Tibet ...then outta China-land! To Nepal for some trekking.

Here's a little bit of Beijing ...blocky communist style buildings that now have a little more character since China's "opening up" campaign in the 1980's. After Mao Zedong's death in the 70's, China realized how much of a mistake the whole Cultural Revolution was and so they started a big change that steered away from communism, the 20th century social experiment that failed.

More blocky buildings near Tiananmen Square.

Here's Christi in the touristy area. "Follow the arrow, Christi."

Christi again... standing next to the "red" wall. It used to enclose a park for the emperor's family next to the Forbidden City (more on this later).

Tauru's future next to the "red" wall. Yeah, this guy's not a descendant of the emperor.

Here we are in front of gate to the Forbidden City. Maybe better to be called "The Gate of Mao's 70%."

Tiananmen Square. Remember this? Where were you in April 1989 when students in China demonstrated here for democracy but were crushed by the Chinese Military. This was where it happened. We hope those students are now in positions for change. We'll see over the next generation or two.

Tauru in Tiananmen Square.

Still in Tiananmen Square. The sculpture depicts "the people's struggle" for communism. Yes, this is the image China wants to portray... not that democracy stuff.

Time for the Great Wall. This section is only about 40 miles northwest of Beijing; therefore, it's CROWDED! The Great Wall of Chinese! Yikes, 1.3 billion + Christi and Tauru. Unfortunately, the day was a little hazy. It's probably dirt from the Gobi Desert that blows through this area.

More of the wall snaking through the mountains. It was made over hundreds of years to keep out the northern invaders. But Ghengis Khan found his way through when the Mongols conquered Asia back in the 13th century.


Another one...

Alright, enough of The Wall... here's Christi.

They say that all Asians look alike. Can you pick out which one is Tauru?




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