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April 16: Rock Climbing in J-Tree

Mike usually spends a week in April at Joshua Tree National Park for his birthday climbing and just living life. We joined him, and we got Tim Lee to join, too, and just made it a "Triple Birthday Shin-dig". Mike, April 8; Tim, Mar 27 or something like that; and mine is April 28. Later, David came out to join us, too. Awesome time.

Good times with Tim! He had forgotten to smear the suntan lotion on his nose... and so we caught him on camera. That's Tim and me.

Here's Christi, our dog, Chawrini, and Mike at camp. Chawrini has a little history: We were at J-Tree at the beginning of the year where we met a couple from Washington DC who found this stray dog... and thought that we should adopt him. We did...

Chawrini hanging out.

We camped at Camp 21 in Hidden Valley, which has a 20 ft approach to Papa Woosely (spelling?), 5.10b bolted. Here I am leading it.

Above the 2nd bolt, the crux part, and relieved!

But only after clipping to the next bolt am I comfortable enough for a photo.

Please, please, is there no end to this? Get me outta here!!!

Christi's probably saying, "Jeeez, Tauru, get your butt up there!!"

Pheww, a little more and I'm getting close to the top. Incidently, the following night, I lead it in the dark! What's the difference for a blind guy, right? Hard enough to see during the day -- not much different at night.

Mike starts Hobbit Roof, 5.10c.

Getting over the hard part. There was NOTHING to climb on!

But he gets through...

He gets to the roof..,

He starts the roof...

Video of Mike gettin' over the roof...

Here I am pulling the roof. Well, the only way I got over it was by yelling, "Mike! Mike! Take! Take! Pull! Harder! Take!!!" I'm too embarassed to upload that video.

Christi tries out the route...

She gets to the roof...

Checking out the roof... ready to pull it.

Is she SERIOUS? Pulling the Lynn Hill move?!! WOW!

On closer look... nope! I didn't think so! Clowning around as usual.

She's got her right foot of a good foot-hold.

And there she goes...

Before we split (by this point, Tim has already left because of school), we climbed the Flake route up Intersection Rock and carried beers. We couldn't get the timer on David's camera to work... and so here's one of them.

Here's one with me in it and David taking the photo...

But we could tell that David was whimpering because he wasn't in the photo. So here we are courtesy of Mike's long arm. Good times. Actually, GREAT TIMES.




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