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June 15: Washing Dishes in Valdez, AK after Denali

Well, after coming off of Denali (see May Part 2 link), Steve and I drove the van to Valdez, Alaska. I needed to recover from my frostbite and he needed to work... and I knew Valdez would give us that. I had been there before 2 times and so knew it would be good there. So we drove 7 hrs from Talkeetna to Valdez.

In Valdez, Steve found work on a fishing boat... and as I was walking around, I found work washing dishes at a restaurant. Oh well, hope the water will heal my frostbite. We lived out of the van parked at the harbor.

Here's the main street in Valdez... yeah, don't blink cuz you may miss the excitement! What's great about Valdez is that it's surrounded by mountains... like little Switzerland. Beautiful!

OK, is THIS Alaska or what!! I see this car driving around town a lot... and just thought it was absolutely Alaska! What kind of mullet do you think the gentleman who owns the car has? Definitely the party vehicle...

Here is where we are living: 48 HR Park Harbor Rd, Valdez Alaska. The red circle is our van, and the other two circles are other van-folks living and working here in Valdez. The grey van belongs to a homeless guy name John who is also a dishwasher... and who actually got me my dishwashing job at some restaurant in town. The blue van is also another dishwasher. The address was John's genius... There was a sign "48 Hour Parking Only" and he turned that into his street address. I guess our van would be 48 HR Park Harbor Rd #3. Unfortunately, John turns out to be a Sex Offender who had spent 10 yrs in jail for attempted child molestation. Sick!

Harbor front estate -- view: priceless.

Oh, one more Harbor Rd resident: truck next to the two vans on the left. From here, the restaurant where I work is only a 5 min walk, the store where I buy my daily ice cream is only a 5.1 min walk, the public restroom is only a 2 min walk, the laundry place where I do my laundry once a week is 3 min, and the weekly shower place also 3 min. Life in Valdez is good.

Steve (circled) on the boat he will be spending the summer fishing. Lots of work and adventures up here in Alaska.




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