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November 21: Climbed Ama Dablam (Nepal)

I'm currently in Kathmandu, Nepal -- just got back a couple of days ago from the Khumbu Valley, where Everest sits ...and also Ama Dablam, ~22,500 ft (6845m). See October 2005 link for a photo of it. I'm kinda sick right now and also the internet connection here sucks; therefore, I'll wait till I get to Bangkok before posting photos. Just wanted to add a couple of notes.

I arrived in the Khumbu Valley Oct 8th with 3 other friends from back home -- I joined Christi's trip: Everest Base Camp Trek. We made it to Kala Patar and Everest Base Camp. I then went back to Lukla with them -- Lukla is where you'd fly to from Kathmandu to start your 35 mile one-way trek. From Lukla, I went back up the mountain to join a British Ama Dablam expedition led by Tim Mosedale. We arrived at base camp Oct 29th and began our acclimitization. 2 trips up the mountain to slowly allow our bodies to adapt to the thinner air... then on Nov 10th, 3 others climbers and I started our summit bid. Nov 10th: from base camp to camp 1; Nov 11th: from camp 1 to camp 3; and then Nov 12th: from camp 3 to the summit. I reached the summit around 1pm -- beautiful clear sky with a great view of Mt Everest! I'll post some photos within a week or so.

View of Ama Dablam from the trail to Everest Base Camp

View of the route from Camp 3 to the summit.

Close up view. Circle is Camp 3

Another close up of the dablam.

Team hiking up to base camp.

Yaks carrying gear/supply to base camp.

Base Camp around 14,500 ft.

My home for the duration of the climb (just over 2 wks).

A local monk has joined us to perform a "Puja," a blessing ceremony to ask the gods to let us climb Ama Dablam safely. Ama Dablam towers above us. Camps 1, 2, and 3 can be seen.

Here's the Puja ceremony.

After a couple of days acclimatizing at Base Camp, we head off. Here I am heading up to Advance Base Camp. Base Camp is in the background.

Here's Advance Base Camp where we spent the night. Ama Dablam lingers in the clouds.

Here's Kevin waking up to a new day. He's feeling good.

Here's my "room with a view." Waking up with Ama Dablam waiting for me.

View from Advance Base Camp of Camps 1, 2, and 3. Our team (15 people) will separate into smaller teams as we do acclimatization climbs up and down these camps before our summit bid. I ended up in a team of 4 where we went from Base Camp to Advance Base Camp (sleep), then to Camp 1 (sleep) before going back down to Base Camp to rest. After 1 day of rest, we went from Base Camp to Camp 1 (sleep), then scouted to Camp 2, but then back down to Base Camp. After 2 days of rest, we did an aggressive summit bid -- Base Camp to Camp 1 (sleep), then Camp 1 to Camp 3 (sleep) that took all day, then headed for the summit after a night at Camp 3.

View of the route up the dablam from Camp 3. From this angle, it doesn't look so steep.

Me at Camp 1.

Here, three other folks and me are on our summit bid. We had hiked from Base Camp to Camp 1 the day before; and after a night's sleep/rest, I am gearing up for the climb from Camp 1 to Camp 3. It will take all day through technical sections of rock and ice. Yes, I am a little (or a lot!) nervous.

I look up the mountain and took this photo. See the next photo of the close up of the red circle.

Two climbers from another team are making there way to the summit.
Click here for Part II.




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