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September 14: Tauru Climbing in Sedona, Arizona

Only a week left before I head out of the country. First stop is Thailand, then over to Nepal --> trek to Everest Base Camp, then climb Ama Dablam, then farts around in the Himalayas. Been reading a lot and thinking a lot. Conclusion? I'm sooooo glad I quit! Life is really neat when you can actually savor every second of it. I know that long-term-wise, I'm kinda screwed because I "won't have a decent retirement fund;" but for the time being, I feel as if every moment is rich with life and every view I see is ...kinda just there all for me! I guess it's a special feeling.

I was up in Flagstaff, Arizona this past weekend. Friday, I hiked up Humphreys Peak (12,600 ft); Saturday, met up with Tim and Mike and climbed Earth Angel, a 5.10 8-pitch route up a spire in Sedona, AZ; then Sunday, Tim and I met up with MG to climb Queen Victoria, a 5.7 3-pitch route up another one of Sedona's spires. All was good. Good times. Good views. Great folks!

FYI: Here's Ama Dablam. Going to climb this thing next month! (Info on Ama Dablam on summitpost.org: Ama Dablam.)

Day 1: Mike climbing up pitch 3 with backdrop and a neat spire down below.

Day 1: Tim climbing up pitch 4.

Day 1: Here we are at the summit -- Mike, me, and Tim.

Day 2: MG belaying me as I struggle up Queen Victoria's first pitch.

Day 2: Half way up.

(LEFT) Day 2: At top.
(RIGHT) Day 2: MG on the climb.

Day 2: MG climbing.

Day 2: Tim belaying at top.

(LEFT) Day 2: Me nearing the top with view behind.
(RIGHT) Day 2: MG rappelling down the spire. Queen V's route is the chimney to left.




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