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Highlights of 2011
Christi finished teaching in Korea and then spent the next couple of months traveling in Southeast Asia: Thailand, Cambodia, Burma and Vietnam.

Photo is of nature re-taking the temples of Angkor Wat (Cambodia).
Highlights of 2010
Christi spent the year in Busan, South Korea teaching English while Tauru spent the time back in Arizona working on his personal writing project.

Photo is of Christi and friends in Seoul watching a soccer match.
Highlights of 2009
Tauru and his friends sailed to Alaska to attempt Mt. St. Elias but had to retreat due to avalanche danger. While Tauru sailed to Alaska, Christi climbed some towers in Moab with friends. We rode a tandem bike across America during the summer.

Photo is of us on Interstate 40 in Arizona (August).
Highlights of 2008
We spent the year traveling through China, Tibet, Nepal, India, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Turkey. Lots of touristy things!

Photo is of us with the Taj Mahal in Agra, India (August).
Highlights of 2007
We spent the first half of the year road-tripping and climbing. Christi made it onto Denali in June. And by November, we started our travels abroad, first in Thailand and Laos.

Photo is a Hmong girl during a festival in Laos (December).
Highlights of 2006
We did a lot of camping, climbing, and hiking. Tauru road-tripped with his climbing buddy, Steve, and climbed Mt. Rainier's Liberty Ridge and Denali's Upper West Rib (May).

Photo is of Tauru on the summit of Denali in Alaska (May).
Highlights of 2005
We climbed Mt. Whitney's Mountaineer's Route in spring, jumped out of an airplane (sky diving), trekked to Everest Base Camp, and Tauru climbed Ama Dablam (Nepal) and traveled in Cambodia.

Photo is of Christi hiking out of Gorek Shep near Everest Base Camp. (October 2005)

Other Links

Two Blind to Ride
We are also Two Blind to Ride, a cause we developed to raise awareness about the abilities of the blind. For 2012-13, we ride the 16,000 miles through the Americas.

Tauru's Titan Roadrunner (1750cc)
An awesome motorcycle full of chrome and power. At 107 cubic inches (1750cc), it's a thunderin' beast!

Tauru's Travels 1994-96
Some photos of Tauru's travels back yonder.

In Memory Of

In Memory of John Kynyk (1958 - 2010)
Our good friend, John Kynyk, passed away on October 20, 2010. He was on a three-week rafting expedition down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. We miss you, John, and you'll always be with us!

In Memory of Adrienne Bruchok-Selgrath (1979 - 2010)
Christi's sister passed away on March 26, 2010. We remember her and will always keep her spirit with us.

In Memory of Gluntcha (? - 2008, +15 Years)
Gluntcha was Tauru's big, furry, and absolutely adorable Norwegian Forest Cat who passed away in 2008 of old age. Tauru adopted Gluntcha in 2002 and took care of him. Gluntcha was an absolute sweetheart!!!


Christi & Tauru

We keep this website to share our activities and adventures with friends and family.

Christi is originally from Pennsylvania. Tauru was born in Vietnam but came to the States when he was five years-old because of the war. He grew up in Southern California. We currently consider Phoenix, Arizona our "home," but we're still on the go.

Things We've Done

  • Mountain Climbing (2005-07, 2009)
  • Everest Base Camp (2005 & 2008)
  • Rock Climbing (2005-07, 2009)
  • Denali (2006 & 2007)
  • Travelling (2007-08, 2011)
  • The Annapurna Circuit (2008)
  • Cycle Touring (2009)
  • South Korea (2010)